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Empower your ministry with the most effective solutions. 
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Ministry is ever-evolving. We will help you implement new ministry strategies that align with your vision by

  • Ministry analyzation. 

  • Proposing ideas for ministry enhancement & improvement. 

  • Implementation support.

Cell Phone Discovery Meeting

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Information provided during Solutions Interviews, Discovery, and Strategy Meetings may be used to assist ministries with evangelism, outreach, and digital ministry resources to aid strategic plans for ministry growth. Blackbooked Digital Ministry does not guarantee results based on strategies shared or services offered and only intends to help ministries in their individual evangelism and outreach goals. Celebrities, companies, or entities whose images or logos are portrayed near or within any material, symbol, or messaging of Blackbooked Digital Marketing, Media, or Ministry do NOT indicate or intend to imply that celebrity, company's, or other entities' sponsorship or affiliation with Blackbooked or its affiliates.



While engaging with our strategy calls, client care representatives, or utilizing our services, you may disclose information about yourself, your ministry, or your contacts. This information will not be shared, sold, or traded without your written consent.  Your use of e-mail, address, phone, or other communication implies consent to future communication, including but not limited to marketing and or sales messaging through Blackbooked Digital Marketing, Media, and Ministry &/or its affiliates. To opt out of our future marketing, please e-mail

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